What the rest of us think about JWP’s acquittal and Rep. EBJ’s re-election

May 5, 2017 § Leave a comment

It took a week to get this out. It took a week to process the acquittal of Commissioner John Wiley Price. Unlike most people, I didn’t follow the case. Lady Justice’s lackadaisical treatment towards Race Soldiers (or “bad cops”) has been maddening, so court and legal matters are no longer forms of entertainment for me.

What does Commissioner John Wiley Price’s acquittal mean for the next generation of Black Dallas politics? When I mention Black Dallas politics, I’m referring to the playmakers and institutions (and the ideologies which undergird the latter) that make up Black Dallas, for example, Dallas Citizen Council, ICDC, Councilperson Young, the Potter’s House, etc.

In conjunction with the rumors of Congresswoman EBJ’s refusal to give up her 30-year-old job re-election, JWP was acquitted a week later. This is the context in which one should view this topic.

What EBJ’s announcement and the subsequent JWP acquittal means for Black Dallas politics is DOOM. And I am not being facetious, for once. This is bad news. Any Gen X or Millennial who had hopes of seeing something new might have to wait another ten years to wedge their way in. Taj Clayton, Eric L. Williams, State Rep. Eric Johnson, and the others hold your horses.

A lot of us consider these two figures, a microcosm for the inflexibility common in Black Politics at-large, too large to allow others to fit in the room. Sucking up the air, if you will. In the damn way of a younger, progressive wave of politicos who will vocally oppose the toll road takeover of North Texas, law enforcement violence, curtailing women access to health care, gentrification displacement and support better access to mental health care, affordable housing, a more progressive tax code, stronger public schools, major criminal justice reform like drug decriminalization and legalization, and a worker-friendly environment. Rep. EBJ fluff townhalls on law enforcement violence and community relation, recent statement on Jordan Edwards just doesn’t pass the bar for what is required from a Black politician in 2017. 



rescue-group-old-dog-haven-today-161226-tease-01_00bac92f7fa6330b327ff47cdd4acdf2.jpgOver the years, Rep. EBJ and other long-time elected officials, like old dogs, bark has gone unnoticed and teeth rounded. Lost their teeth, even, figuratively and perhaps literally. Rep. EBJ fluff townhalls on law enforcement violence and community relation result to worse than inaction, a codification of more of the same. For example, her recent statement on the killing of 15-year-old Jordan Edwards just doesn’t pass the bar for what is required from a Black politician in 2017. Read it yourself here. 

Yeah, I know I am supposed to be praising the Lord Our Man Downtown wasn’t sent downtown. But this is simply an example of another powerful man who got off, ultimately. Do you think YOU, Black person, can skate 7 of 11 charges? How did the courts treat you the last time you had a criminal charge? Can you afford a private  Jewish lawyer? Can you afford a private lawyer period? Well, can you?

I’d like to emphasize the danger of living vicariously through other people. Doing so usually alleviates responsibility from the personalities within Black Politics, especially to the detriment of our quality of life. Good politics supports office holders who support our agenda and/or make good allies. Furthermore, bad politics takes on the battles of our beloved Black figures as our own; a case not between JWP and the Feds but between Us and Them, this nation’s oldest battle. They mess with JWP – or EBJ, or any of the Obamas, or Rep. Elijah Cummings, Rep. Maxine Waters, or whatever – and they are messing with you and your grandmother personally!

Is JWP’s legacy worth defendng if proven and found guilty on all charges?

is a question every sympathizer should ask themselves. Knowing what I know and heard, I’d say most of his sympathizers would still defend JWP, which is a testament to just how maybe forever twisted and backward Black Dallas and maybe Black Politics is at-large 

texas-state-mapThe next wave of elected officials has to strictly be about improving the quality of life for Black people, specifically the descendants of slaves, throughout Dallas and Dallas county. Black Dallas’ (including suburbs like Desoto and Cedar Hill) politics must be lead by selfless individuals with the capacity to lead and the ingenuity to empower others to receive the baton and take agency over their communities.

We have to be unapologetic to both the previous generation and Powers That Be about what is necessary to move forward, catch up with other states, and ultimately catch up with the other first world countries. The truth of the matter is whether it is Joppa community, Arizona and Kiest, SOC High school, 10th Street or St. Augustine, many parts of southern Dallas resemble third world countries. Descendants of slaves in the richest country on earth live in third world conditions in this “world class city,” as Mayor Rawlings characterizes Dallas.

We have to be willing to snatch the baton and hit anyone over the head who gets in the way. DO THW WORK! Besides, it isn’t like you haven’t been patient enough.


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