Does TOP support Mexican sanctuary cities for African-Americans or nah?

February 13, 2017 § Leave a comment

Update: Apparently Councilman Griggs is also considering a similar resolution in response to this resolution by Councilman Kleinman basically declaring the city will follow federal immigration laws. 


It was a sunny afternoon, and we managed to cross the border with the sun still up. Finally, we reached the other side: the land of Mexico. We never want to go back. President Trump ramped up the hate speech, Attorney General Pete Sessions officially endorsed the beginning of chattel slavery and deputizing random White people. If only Zimmerman had waited. They say the chattel slavery thing is temporary. “About as temporary as the income tax,” became a new saying around here.

Earlier I was dreaming about opportunities to escape tyranny in the event it became direct. In reality, it is 2:11 AM and I am currently reading about an organization and government entity who agree: it is OK for people to break the law. Certain people. Read the Welcoming Communities Resolution here for yourself.


You may not read it like that but I do.

The organization is TOP. I like TOP a lot – I am a member – or was. So this is not a diss to TOP, as they are consistent in where one should stand regarding human rights and are actually on the LEFT, unlike most Dallasites who are only liberal when compared to a Texan Republican)

But there are some of you who don’t hold any consistency, who this is addressed to. Some of you will not talk to your own cousin or uncle for being locked up for a non-violent drug or non-aggressive firearm charge but will be on the front line for criminals who want to and do come here for an improved life.


From 2016.

Yes, criminals. When you break the law you are a criminal. I don’t mean to be crude but that is how crude many Black people are to own their family and that is how crude most people are about Black life in general. No one gives Black life nuance – not even many Black people – Jimmy is either on crack because he wants it or because he is lazy and Michelle doesn’t have a valid license because of whatever other reason you conjure. “If XYZ, then this person would not have been in a cage.” It has never made sense to me why a descendant of a slave who is deserving of compensation administered by the American government, will forego and advocate against compensation, while advocating for people, Mexicans for example, to 1) be forgiven of committing the crime of illegal immigration, 2) if not given citizenship, to be provided with set asides, 3) or, be elevated to a level of American citizenship.

When given the opportunity, people usually align with the Powerful Group over the Powerless Group. This describes the position Black people constantly find themselves in, as every generation, they watch the wealth rise of every group around them including Mexicans and Mexican-Americans.

In a video, I will go over the resolution and article. Lastly, I will try to include Brianna Brown in this video to discuss this resolution, her work at TOP and the possibility of organizing around a sanctuary city in Mexico for African-Americans.


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