Radio station fight guy is back AGAIN for another swing – at City Council

February 2, 2017 § Leave a comment

Dwaine Caraway is on the roll. Or should I say, on the run? Or he is on fire? Whatever you call it when basically every local media outlet promotes your campaign candidacy (I personally call it “suspicious”) – he is THAT.

After failing to topple the Black Dallas King, and County Commissioner on the side, John Wiley Price, Caraway is back. This week he announced his return to chop off the head of his dear friend: a sweet, feisty old woman and retired teacher, Councilwoman King-Arnold.

Two years ago, Caraway begged people for money in support during Arnold’s campaign. Now, like the big brother who let his younger sister try to beat that Call of Duty mission, he has deemed her as ill-fit to represent District 4 and wants it back. The only difference is Caraway is younger than her.

(OK maybe the analogy is off but it would be so much better if Caraway was an Omega!)


Arnold is good friends with Black Dallas King JWP by proof of the regularity of photos selfies she has with the man.

Anyways, Beneath Everything is not in the business of endorsements or positive words for politicians in general. However, we do appreciate the time Arnold takes in studying the issues and connecting with her constituents.

A quick look at Arnold’s voting history shows she is not the Mayor’s Rawlings’ lapdog. That is an impressive feat for Black councilmembers nowadays. Arnold seems to be more committed to providing basics for her area than being the vessel for gentrification.untitled



The map below is her district. Many South Oak Cliff neighborhoods lack decent street lighting. Parts of Tenth Street, a historically African-American neighborhood in her district are uninhabitable, and Kiest Rd. infrastructure sucks. Problems like these are why she opposes a proposed deck park near the Dallas Zoo and prioritizes other stuff. A retired teacher, Arnold also opposes providing funding to charter schools – unlike another former public school teacher, Mayor Pro Tem Eric Wilson.


But Caraway, and his handlers want to stop all that. He has visions of a different District 4. One where Rudy’s Chicken offers delivery and all the ghetto kids can play throw up football on the deck park, looking down at the Oak Cliff Gateway, watching drivers complain about fluctuating toll prices and constant congestion. Can’t you see it now? You lack his vision, then!

In a manner I can only refer to as “Trumping”, he tweeted this yesterday. Like Trump, I can’t tell if he is trolling or not, but he might actually think the two options are mutually exclusive. Like Trump, lastly, it would be laughable if it wasn’t a real tweet that could manifest into reality.


Caraway was good for Arnold while it lasted,  but I think we should expect low blows before the May election. With friends like Caraway, who needs enemies?


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