Deep Ellum looks a lot like Burleson

January 27, 2017 § Leave a comment

This past weekend I stopped by Common Desk in Oak Cliff for an action journalism meeting. Later we stopped by Adair’s Saloon in Deep Ellum for a burger and came to a quick realization.

 Deep Ellum is really white

Someone said it. Or maybe I said it – I honestly don’t recall. But we, four black males, were all thinking it and it was the dead, honest-to-God truth. Noooo shades of color were present. About as diverse as Burleson.

“It is like a country hipster white,” someone else said. This phrase I am certain someone said.

Then a chandelier, like a UFO hovering above a warehouse, came out of no where and just the right amount of trap R&B was pumping out of this now almost completely carved out warehouse at a 3 PM.

Twelve months ago, a lot of the high-end barbershops, clubs and restaurants were not here. At the time Dallas comedy club was open, I could light a blunt in my own comfort and safety. Now, the Freeman parking lot has “Will Tow” signs.

What the…

I miss the old Deep Ellum.



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