“Black” police chief retires, gets TV spot after telling citizens get over police killings and get a job

December 15, 2016 § Leave a comment

A lot of people may find this title problematic but they probably find the statement, “Ben Carson, Stephen A. Smith and Stacie Dash are coons” problematic. For those of you who don’t have an issue calling out coons and traitors, please continue.


Dallas once had a police chief who couldn’t please anyone but the Mayor and a few old Black people who will soon be removed from power and/or existence, whichever comes first. He displeased firefighters, policemen (also known as “good cops”), suspected race soldiers posing as good cops, black policemen, and even the group who has never seen a murder it couldn’t defend and *whitesplain away, the Dallas Police Association. 

But at one particular time, the police chief, whom I don’t know if he considers himself Black, said something disturbing to protesters in July. He, essentially, told protestors to get a job and stop protesting. There are some of us who have taken on the actions and language of our oppressors, the White Supremacists, and will try to whitesplain to you what he meant. Ignore them.

Let’s take a second and break down what he said. 

“Become a part of the solution. Serve your communities. We’re hiring. Get off that protest line and put an application in. And we’ll put you in your neighborhood, and we’ll help you resolve some of the problems you’re protesting about.”

What the hell was the police chief talking about? Are you just as confused as we are? We are going to try and break it down so save your brain power. 

I would post the YouTube video but if you have eaten, you might want to take time before viewing because it is nothing short of disgusting. Nothing is sicker than a black male with some sort of authority victim shaming and defending the status quo. NOTHING.

Here we have a police chief who may or not classify or identify himself as black, tell other people to not participate in exercising their first amendment rights, and instead to work with and for “the solution”, the  same forces who are killing and choking out random black and brown people and God forbid you have mental health issues. Why on earth would you join what you perceive as an evil force who has never shown remorse, regret for anything, ever, including killing children or shooting old men in wheelchairs? 

Who is to say protestors…I don’t like that word in many contexts…are full time protestors without work? Why does he take the position that protestors don’t serve their communities and are jobless bums? Can a firefighter or RN “serve” their communities at day and like Clark Kent switches clothes and protest at night? Apparently, to him, absolutely not. In their mind, you can’t protest; you must “be a protestor.”

See, “protesters” is code for “full time, jobless agitators in the street.” “Code amongst whom?”, you ask? I will let you figure that one out. 


Eric Garner and what it appears to him dying of his own volition.


Whitesplain: The terrorist act of covering for or making excuses for racism, especially when the listener is non-White, e.g., Eric Garner died due to health problems.

Resolve some of the problems?  Do you all know the process for complaints sent to the Dallas police department? Do you all know how internal “investigations” are conducted after an officer involved shooting? Do you all know Jason Harrison killers still roam the streets, looking for their next unsuspecting victim? Do you all know how he responded when one of his nut-job officers, Officer Cardan Spencer, shot the aforementioned wheelchair man four times then lied his sorry ass off? Do you all know Officer Spencer can’t shoot and is likely hired to another city  police  department already? Did you they eventually dropped Spencer’s criminal charges? If Brown was actually sincere and genuine, which runs contrary to his role and character, he would come out and say what was on his heart.


Thugs who killed Jason Harrison in Dallas.



Instead of clarifying what he said to make it more sensible, the chief doubled down and decided to continue speaking his own made up, nonsense language in July after the July 6th shootings but this time on the national stage, the launch pad and safe haven for nonsense. Less than two months after the shooting, Brown announced retirement.

The national media flooded the town and paraded the former Chief as the “real solution” to race problems, outshining POTUS in his handling of race and police-community relations. Brown was following the good-ole-boys-club-and-shame-black-people playbook, which is why last month, we learned of his new role after retirement with ABC News as a contributor. Most white people just love it when you shame victims. It is really, really uncomfortable for most of them to face their trues. White feelings trump all. Dallas – are you ready for this?

The problem is not that protesting by or on behalf of Black people is problematic. THAT IS NOT THE PROBLEM PAY ATTENTION! The problem is Black people and our friends in society are not supposed to complain about anything related to Black suffering. You can’t kneel in silence, you can’t march, you can’t demonstrate, you can’t protest vote or abstain, and damnit, you better not ask your political officials anything, you common beggar. But you better vote!! 


(Oh, you thought all of those things encompassed being an American citizen? You thought you were a citizen – first mistake. African Americans are not classified as American citizens protected by the Constitution. Follow Beneath Everything and you will learn a thing or two.)

Before he starts his new stint and the nation aligns him with Black Dallas, BE wants to repeat their stance: We wholeheartedly denounce former Police Chief David Brown actions, words and former role as police chief and citizen.

Perhaps the audience wants a replacement for Sheriff David Clark when he gets appointed to the Trump cabinet as head of Department of Homeland Security. When you have so many black faces on TV (take your pick) sounding like white-supremacists, is your Blackness being represented on the tube? Do we really have a Black voice on TV – or someone hired by white people to say stuff?


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