Governor pulls chess move, picks black female for Dallas District Attorney replacement

December 7, 2016 § Leave a comment

Faith Johnson was appointed as the new District Attorney for Dallas County yesterday. When depressed, drug-addict former DA Susan Hawk resigned at the perfect time – as BE prophesied – with a wink and a nod, Governor Abbott was given the choice to replace her, and not the almost 2.5 million citizens of Dallas County. 


Former depressed, drug addict DA Susan Hawk

Abbott went with the surprise move and elected Faith Johnson, former county district judge. Johnson, 65, is a black woman, who named Bishop T.D. Jakes as a reference. What else is there to say about that? What on earth is a suspected racist like Governor Abbott doing giving us a black woman, if not for the reason of trickery and deception?

Abbott, like every other white politician, knows African-Americans have very little political sense. He knows, like every other white politician, that African-Americans are politically stupid enough to rejoice in their oppression, so long as there is a black face in the mix. BE is going to make the claim that Johnson is that black face and she will certainly advance the white supremacist interests of A) imprisoning black people for marijuana possession, and B) sympathizing with the police department in the event of an officer involved shooting. 

Will she advocate for more mental health spending? Domestic abuse funding? Expand Innocence Project? Perhaps. I do not know. But I am willing to bet that when faced with a decision of choosing between you and suspected race soldier posing is a Dallas cop who killed your sister or brother, she will join with their side, the oppressor’s side.  That is the real test: your reaction to the white supremacy.


DA Faith Simmons Johnson

Her interview with WFAA 8’s Demond Fernandez is quite disturbing, as she regularly invokes God and prayer, doesn’t see herself as the “first African-American female” DA, will make the Innocence Project a priority and be “very accessible to the community.” Most disturbing is the repeated claim of helping “all citizens of Dallas County.” Do you know what to expect when a black politician promises to help aaaaalll citizens? 

Click HERE to watch the interview. 

When (NOT IF) a race solder posing as a Dallas cop kills someone on camera, how will the descendants of enslaved Africans in Dallas county react? Will there be social media selfies with the DA Bestie? Outrage towards the DA? Or excuses and coonsplaining? Will any of the local African American news outlets hold her feet to the flames? Or do they not want to mess things up in their own church congregation? Will TD Jakes come out and tell us to calm down and wait for the process?

BE is not dancing around celebrating. We are deathly concerned and came to the conclusion years ago that in the post-Obama 2008 election era, more black faces in high places would appear to advance the System of White Supremacy. We have learned that the powers that be have perfected the Real Obama Doctrine, the act of placing black faces in a political office to pacify constituents and confuse racial progress. As elder Neely Fuller reminds us in his Code Book, we are in the Refinement Stage of the System of White Supremacy.

As we still observe the reaction, a lot of black people are already confused about what is going on. Leave it to BE to keep an eye on Faith Johnson. Have Faith.


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