10 takeaways from Attorney General visit to Dallas, cop-politics as usual, #LynchingDallas Day 1 of 2

October 4, 2016 § Leave a comment

Is 21st Century style policing merely the same policing but with tech gadgets? Does it change any dynamics? Processes and protocols? Does it increase transparency or accountability? Is trust manufactured in this style of policing? Or is just hours and hours and terabytes and different angles of bleeding black bodies on live TV, my social media news feeds and totally available for my consumption, playback and share?

Attorney General Loretta Lynch was in Dallas for two days and below are a stream of observations. This week was the start of so-called National Community Policing Week and she announced a $3.1 million grant to hire 25 Dallas police officers.  Follow the hash tag #LynchingDallas for Tuesday events. 

  1. Lynch was in town and I don’t know anyone who works in this field who was aware. Maybe I’m not in the loop as well as I thought. I did not recognize but one person in the 18-min video (HERE).
  2. Obama_Attorney_General-0982a.jpgNext to Lynch sat US Attorney John Parker, who you can hardly tell apart from Trump. Language like “officers get home safely,” “law and order” and ordering teens to “respect the law” appear to be neutral but is surely targeted towards a particular crowd: the crowd who sympathizes with Betty Shelby who just wanted to get home safely before killing Pastor Keith Scott in reaction to her being temporarily deaf.
  3. Hosted at Sunset High School, during the  shorter video, I heard no mention of any groups and a bunch of cliche ambiguities. The DOJ streamed the whole forum live but the video isn’t audible. Media was not allowed. How, as the first black woman attorney general, can you attend an over 90% Hispanic school and not mention issues between law enforcement and Spanish speaking people? Is there no lack of trust? I’d like to hear LULAC take on this.
  4. No wonder she could make it pass the Senate, she is speaking their language.
  5. We are in scary times. People of color are being killed by law enforcement everyday and despite being surrounded by people in power who at least look like us…they operate under “benign neglect 2.0.”  If you are a black politician, don’t mention blacks and you will win, and, ultimately, if you don’t mention black folks, they don’t exist.
  6. I wonder if she disagrees with what many of us have said and what a UN panel reported last week about how police killings are akin to modern day lynchings? For entertainment purposes, I’d love to hear her and POTUS squirm out of that question and pivot into praise for law enforcement. You know they will…
  7. Is it fair to judge Lynch by 18 minutes of video? Certainly, for this isn’t her first go round. Lynch’s speeches have been very…hmmm…Obama-esque. Meaning, they are safe and full of cliches when discussing race relations and/or law enforcement. In sum, they amount to a bunch of bullshit at a time when bullshit can’t be tolerated.

  8. Today is National Night Out at the UNT Dallas Athletic Complex from 5:30 – 7:30 PM. Her last day, she will leave with a bang. Or maybe not. A black city councilman will be there, Eric Wilson… Highland Hills where you at!!? Dallas Police Association loves him, and the Mayor will be present so it appears to be Dallas Accommodation per usual.
  9. Dallas police finally repealed their 72 hour review policy after NGAN appeared at city hall, and days before Chief Brown announced his retirement. Our view points will be heard, addressed then relieved only through tangible policy changes.
  10. NGAN’s call to protest the National Night Out for not addressing real 21st century changes can be found here.

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