Lights, camera, action and bullshit from elected officials after Dallas shootings

July 13, 2016 § Leave a comment

Just wait a damn minute…

Now that police officers, and ostensibly some white people, feel like a normal black person (targeted and at danger every living moment), everyone is a leader and wants to do something about community relations with police. Not police brutality (absolutely not!) but community relations. Does Coffee with Cops  qualify as relations?

With a bowtie to match, Dallas was presented with the perfect gift to address what is called “community relations” with police. Unfortunately, a man had to die as a result but sometimes a sacrifice is required to spur change. Antoinette Brown, for example, had to be sacrificed before the City “addressed” the stray dog issue. We hope such sacrifices aren’t in vain.

What happened in June 2014 when  Dallas the World Class City responded to their first shooting on police body cam? How did Fearless Leader #DavidBrownforPresident react?

Jason Harrison was killed on camera in front of this grandmother by two race-soldiers posing as police officers. Harrison ran into the wrong two guys that day because he has been transported to the hospital several occasions before by actual police officers. That day, he was holding a screwdriver and like the story goes, the armed, shielded and “officers” of 5 years feared for their life and unloaded four bullets. Bleeding, dead on the pavement with his head on the garage door, guns remained pointed at him – the Super Negro might get up and charge!


What happened is the same stuff that happens whenever a black body is slain.

The race-soldiers were put back on full duty to roam the streets; our absent and crazy District Attorney Hawk agreed with the grand jury ruling (Watkins was DA at the time of the shooting and Hawk during the grand jury), and the black councilmen/women were silent, especially Erik Wilson, whose district the shooting occurred. I know Dallas Police Association endorsed Wilson but he isn’t too far from the shooting and, after all, as a black man, we expect him to do something or say something – anything.

My mistake.

While people are going crazy over President Obama in town and former president and war criminal GWB, I can’t help but to ask: do y’all local elected officials really care? That includes YOU. Do YOU really care? According to their last chance to do something, my answer is, no, they don’t really care. Well, the answer may be yes but they are too cowardly to act on it. Cowardice is a common character of elected officials. Only the Mayor discusses racial relations, that I have heard anyway. YOU don’t really care either. Some of you will go to a whole other state to protest and march but we have two race soldiers by the name of Andrew Hutchins and John Rodgers roaming our streets now and an indifferent, absent District Attorney.


All these crocodile tears and “community conversations” are a waste of time, energy and resources, and honestly respect, if no policy changes hereafter.  Many recommendations have already been made to the Dallas Police Department, DPA and council men and women by groups like Dallas Action and national organizations like Mothers Against Police Brutality. A few changes in consideration are reviewing the Citizens Review Board practices and effectiveness, developing incentives for more local police officers, mental illness and social bias training, even providing subpoena power to the CRB. We don’t agree on every policy but some we do and somewhere is a start. I also wrote about some of the changes recommended to the county here, like a mental health professional to police dispatch.


Councilwoman King-Arnold (left) and Chief Brown (right)

The Air Force One has returned D.C. and Don Lemon is back in Atlanta. So now what? Community relations are a joke if your race-soldiers can watch their execution on repeat, probably while eating popcorn, for 72 hours before giving a statement. Community relations are a joke if no justice is served and the DA is God knows where. Can someone locate the District Attorney? Community relations are a joke if the black councilmen/women who are supposed to be sympathetic with us, can only muster out, “I stand with the Dallas police,” in times of convenience.

Don’t be a normal politician and use this event to dodge responsibilities. It is extremely easy especially now to act like you care about community relations. Rise above it, for once, and stick your neck out. Please stop insulting our intelligence and address the issues at hand. Or expect more violence on both sides to continue.


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