Upcoming interview with Vicki Meek

May 28, 2016 § Leave a comment

I intend to release a video interview next week with Vicki Meeks concerning her article in the Dallas Weekly, titled “the De-Colorization of Booker T Washington Performing and Visual Arts.” Meeks was the previous director of South Dallas Cultural Center for 20 years and is on the selection panel for Booker T Washington’s visual arts audition.

The purpose of the interview is to dive deeper into her article about what, exactly, she is claiming or suspecting about the enrollment practices and hiring policies. She is also started a petition for the board of trustees to investigate this odd, or maybe not so odd, occurrence.

Here at Beneath Everything, we don’t stop at just the fact a school created as a desegregation model is no longer black. Like the previous blog post, we don’t stop at the fact the District Attorney relapsed. If we did that, everyone would have read the news (from any source) and thought it was unfortunate, took a breathe and went on with their days. Unacceptable. For Booker T Washington, the fact the faculty is all-white doesn’t slip past our eyes.

Why? How? What now?

Shoot me questions for Vicki, like, “Didn’t Booker T. Washington have a little known acting career”?

For more videos, check out my YouTube channel.

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