$3,000,000 to Costco – does it hurt or benefit South Dallas’ residents?

May 4, 2016 § Leave a comment

If you didn’t know, City Council is on the verge of approving a $3,000,000 grant for Costco to build a store on Hwy 75 and Coit. Have you been to Hwy 75 and Coit? Nevermind that. The vote is on the agenda for next Wednesday, 03/11.

The previous statement is misleading. What really happened is two committees (one approved the land and the other the financing) approved and recommended for City Council to vote to approve a “grant” (I guess if you want to call it a grant; some call it welfare) from the city’s fund not to exceed $3,000,000 for Costco to build on the corner of LBJ Freeway and North Central Expressway. Do you work nearby LBJ Freeway and North Central Expressway?

I don’t know about you but $3,000,000 is a lot to me. And that much money in that location is also disturbing, considering its proximity to Plano and Richardson. Will they take $3,000,000 from the City of Dallas only to hire the surrounding cities employees? We don’t know. But it is safe to assume Costco is popular and successful enough to make the money back to pay the City.

Whether or not that is equivalent to helping the south is another question to which you can find the answer to just by looking around.

A part of this agreement to shell out $3 million is to require $13.00 hour wages, promise 150-200 jobs and some other things that can be viewed on the city’s site. I admit that I can’t find their presentation that I read earlier in the week and I don’t get paid by Dallas Morning News to do that type of research. Or else, I would put that info here.

The overarching question should be – how will this benefit southern Dallas? I don’t know any residents in 75232, 75241, 75216, 75236 who work in the Richardson area. No one on Westmoreland Dr. is taking the orange or blue line to Forest Ln DART station or paying $10 (or $30 depending on the time of day) on the DNTollway or driving 30 miles up Hwy 75. Severe traffic is included in all of these scenarios. No one should be unfortunate enough to have to visit Forest Ln. in general, anyway. There are two southern Dallas (Oak Cliff) officials on the committee, one of them being a vice chair, who approved the grant , and the chair of that committee represents Pleasant Grove area, a white man named Rick Callahan.


A swell, daily commute for hopefully $15/hr.

I have been informed that elected officials are to represent everyone and not just their respective districts. But if that is the case – who, exactly, will represent and fight for southern Dallas at 1500 Marilla? We, black people, have this thing that when one of us, ostensibly, get in a position of power, we become apolitical. All of sudden when we become a part of an institution that has historically been used as an engine to empower other folks and ostracize us – we get apolitical and represent aaaaalllll people. Is it fair for black people to expect their (black) elected officials and bureaucrats to act in our favor, on our behalf, with our interests in mind? Will black people’s fate be forever left in the hands of the dominant, white society’s benevolence?

Obama’s presidency really set the record straight for anyone confused on how a black politician and their supporters should act when given the chance. Don’t really talk about black people and definitely—better damn not—advocate anything that benefits too many black people. As a supporter, you better damn not even suggest they owe you or the people around you anything.

This type of thinking is detrimental. We must have people at city hall, commissioner court, board of trustees, etc. who believe, think and act on behalf of southern residents. This city’s history reveals to us we can’t display a nonpartisan or apolitical or even equal attitude. Equity is the name of the game. Civilians work and care for their family with the hopes that YOU, elected officials and bureaucrats, will do the right thing at the place where they elected you. They did NOT vote for you with the hopes you will go along with any agenda and represent everyone.

Doing so only forces one question: Who do you represent?



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