What project?

January 26, 2016 § Leave a comment

For my current project, I am republishing a book that came out before I was born. The second edition came out my birth year.

This project is almost a year overdue and should have been completed in February, just in time for Black History Month. Instead the current timeline is to be published by July. Marketing starts in March.

A part of the marketing are podcast episodes that are coming up in two weeks. Different people in government positions, entrepreneurs in many fields, and Dallas’ play-makers will be featured on the podcast’s first four episodes. The plan is for the podcast’s content to be so rich to the point where the listener will purchase the book and follow BE Blog for more content and future podcasts.

My part comes in producing an e-version of the manuscript. This publishing will be the first copy available for download, making that unique in itself! In addition to this is writing an original introduction and an additional chapter that connects with now with the then. 

If you stick around a bit longer, expect great episodes and more information regarding the book. As of now, expect more content on the blog. I am stretching out the writing side of my brain and look forward to making it a normal practice.


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