Cracked screen iPhone entrepreneurs

August 11, 2014 § Leave a comment

This one goes to the entrepreneurs making million dollar deals on their cracked screen iPhone while it is prompting you to connect to wifi for an update. Yup, this one goes out to you, too, college student who found their Android calendar far more useful than a menstrual cycle reminder or gym day.

While people blow themselves to pieces in other parts of the world and politicians laugh it over beer coke and golf, it is we who continue focusing on that side project, or more specifically that business endeavor that will (hopefully) set us apart from the other suckers and their adjoined-at-the-hip 9 to 5 contractual obligations. I, like you, am not much interested in the monotony of normal daily life; and I for sure don’t like not being the captain of my time.

What I mean is, sitting in a cubicle everyday or missing my sister’s wedding because of work (eeh. “work.” even the word itself is uninviting) is not an acceptable way of life, even for a short while. I am now 23 years old but think I have tried that side of for a long enough time. My older friends laugh and tell me I am still young and have not “done it,” that is, run the rat race, for a respectable time. I ignore the advice and I ignore the path majority of my class graduates took, and set out for my own challenging path.

I’ve tried the office, nice paying job schedule. How can I fit in travelling the world with such a schedule? I can’t attend whiskey tasting festivals if I choose that path. Running with the bulls–how can I do that when I have to be at work by 9 am!? I can’t. And I don’t want to depend on my marriage-ruined boss to accept my off time request. I don’t want to wake up everyday unsure if I will have my job for another week. I’ve tried it and I am over it.

Nowadays, nothing is more exciting than hearing about another entrepreneur’s ideas, their current, profitable project, or discussing how technology breaks molds. For example, recently a client and I discussed how technology allows Uber to challenge the crony capitalist Taxi-City racket and Tesla’s doing away with the car dealership model.

(Both companies are at war with the State and it’s corporate welfare buddies, and that alone makes me a fan.)

But it’s not only that! Uber is an incredible and convenient (capitalist!!!) love child of transportation and technology. Technology has made it damn-near inexcusable for anyone to not have started their own business, granted they are interested in doing so. It allows the little guys to break the stale, mold and enter a market that was otherwise more difficult to enter.

Working for oneself, and ultimately having employees under oneself, brings a freedom and fulfillment like nothing else can. Uncertainty, risk, self-awareness, bankruptcy–all of these words describes the day to day realities of entrepreneurs. Unlike the regular Joe, though, the entrepreneur doesn’t shy away from these obstacles; neither does he walk head first into them but he treads carefully and cautiously, and through it, to the next highest obstacle. He understands the danger of breaking away and accepts the potential consequences as the cost for not playing it safe.

This goes out to the student on the verge of gaining his bachelor’s in computer science, developing an app to better deal with medical coding and billing, the fitness trainer collaborating with others trainers to rent out that gym, the lone, studio musician, and the housewife taking her catering or janitorial business brain child to new heights.

Whatever it is you do, I hope you keep eyes on the prize and succeed.

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