City of Dallas freaks out over Uber taxis

January 21, 2014 § Leave a comment

Competition–oh the horror

Dallas, the Blue Island (named that for its concentration of Democrats in a red state), is the newest city to freak out over the smartphone based pseudo-taxi company, Uber. If you are lucky enough to reside in a city that doesn’t hate free market competition, you have heard of the company. 

The scare comes out not because the company is fraud, scams people, steals their IDs, misses routes, drivers rob passengers–the freak comes out because bureaucrats don’t know how to “regulate” it. No. I’m serious.

City law, like almost every other major city, creates monopoly for one taxi service, and in Dallas it is Yellow Cab. Like other cities, taxis require a pretty yellow sticker only granted by the Yellow Sticker Fairy of Dallas.

If you are anything like me, this is exciting. I’m clapping for joy! When bureaucrats freak out (another reason to like Uber), team up and find new ways to help us, this is something to rejoice (or be frightened, whatever way you want to view it). Competition for us Dallas pedestrians–oh! the horror!

Why on earth would our public officials not want us to enjoy another taxi company that already operates all over the country? What would the reaction be if the city closed all Targets, Albertsons, and other grocery stores only to leave Wal-Mart standing?

The word of the day, week and lifetime when dealing with government is cahoots–say it with me…cahoots. Business and government in cahoots against us regular people.

An editorial in the Dallas Morning News gives us a timeline of events. I will pull out the two important points:

  1. Aug. 23: Interim City Manager A.C. Gonzalez places anti-Uber regulations on City Council’s consent agenda, where they could pass without debate.
  2. Sept. 15: A Dallas Morning News investigation shows Gonzalez worked in concert with Yellow Cab before the Uber crackdown.

But, but, but…all through government schooling, my history teacher said laissez faire capitalism resulted in monopolies and the government saved us from the Great Depression. Could, just perhaps, this is just a thought…government exacerbated a problem they created?

Na! Who am I kidding!

Unfortunately the writer for DMN, by no surprise at all, misses the point and takes a middle of the road approach. He writes

Uber, Lyft, Sidecar and a host of other app-based car services should not operate without thoughtful, appropriate regulation. It’s critical that such services, particularly those that involve ride-sharing between members of the public, provide adequate protection for riders. It’s important that the city ensure the companies and the drivers that work for them provide service to every part of Dallas. And City Hall needs insight into how rides are priced.

  • Writer, why is it your business how they are regulated? If they are badly regulated, the market wouldn’t continue their existence.
  • What of carpooling–should the city be sure to provide adequate protection from our co-workers? Isn’t that what the police is for?
  • Why should any company be forced to provide service to “every part” of a particular city? What if they aren’t financially capable? Better yet–what if they don’t want to? Papa Johns didn’t deliver city to my previous crime ridden neighborhood.
  • Prices?! So now governments must decide on prices. Price controls are socialism, by definition. Are you a socialist? Just come on out…

I’ve already written about my experience in Pensacola dealing with pesky taxi permits here. Welcome to so-called capitalist America, land of the free, in 2014, where you must beg for permission to start a business and work for oneself. Beg for permission from the people who are in cahoots with your competitors, that is.

Hats off to the few officials who support Uber.

Anywho, join me in cheering on Uber and other taxi companies looking to break into government created taxi monopolies. Go on, Uber! Don’t let our public servants bully ya!

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