Does my brother read Minds Alike?

January 9, 2014 § 4 Comments

I think my brother reads Minds Alike.

He just returned from Paris. On New Years he proposed to his girlfriend in front of the Eiffel Tower. Quite scenic right?1522051_10101024981910020_1953980074_n

Last night he and my new sister-in-law recapped their Parisian experience to my family over homemade burgers and cake.

The day after proposal they said their vows at a church without a pastor. My family replied they were not really married since they didn’t go to a court. Some bureaucrat has not OK’d it by issuing them some piece of paper. He made the comment that marriage is between man and God. They are already married because marriage predates government and other man made institutions like courts, he further explained.

My ears didn’t believe themselves.

“You’ve been reading Minds Alike,” I said jokingly.

He’s correct (kinda)!

Marriage predates the State (and the church). The State controls marriage and decides who to grant their blessing. It is like the potential father-in-law you wish you never met. At one time the State didn’t give immigrants, interracial couples, and now homosexuals, the blessing.

Without the State, the story goes, society will turn to ruins, sick grandmothers would be pushed off cliffs, that is, if their education-less and jobless grand kids don’t eat ’em after the cat food runs out. Control of marriage is one of those things that hinges on State control and order.

Marriage is a contract, legal arrangement, and like all contracts, marriage must be consensual. The only role the State has, like all contractual matters, is to enforce contracts. That’s it.

So perhaps he reads Minds Alike. He’s subscribed. The best way to find out is if he comments on this posts or texts me later. Well, actually, the best way to find out is to ask him. But that’s no fun!

The next agenda is to persuade him on another institution that predates the State and is none of its business: money!

I invite you to join the conversation and subscribe to Minds Alike, e-mail me at then tweet me @BabAdetiba.

For more on theory of contracts relating to marriage, read Ethics of a New Liberty by Murry Rothbard, p.134 (pdf) 


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