Who can we blame for the shutdown?

October 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

Leviathan swallowing everything in its sight.

I keep getting this question asked to me. My answer is always the same: the government. The government is to blame for the shutdown. Not a single Democrat or Republican is to blame–both share 100% responsibility for the so-called shutdown. The Congress’ primary responsibility is to control the purse and every so often we have physical proof that they are, indeed, incompetent and inefficient at this task.

The popular play, Government Shutdown, reoccurs every 5 months or so, like that annoying town carnival your child always wants to attend. Like the carnival, the Government Shutdown, features the same, boring characters and rides.

But why are Americans so simple minded as to look for scapegoats? Is it the mainstream media that forces the question, to simplify the matter? The truth is there is no scapegoat. “They” want you to find a scapegoat so next elections you will choose a savior.

Republicans, the savior is not Ted Cruz; as Chris Edwards pointed out in a podcast, Sen. Cruz simply filled the void in leadership and possessed the backbone his fellow Republicans did not.

To be sure, this is not a shutdown. Bureaucrats are still working, wars are still being launched, Congress is still blabbing, and the President is still flying. If it were a shutdown, these things would not occur.

Government says they have to pay for the essential services–alas!, finally, like a family household budget, the government has decided to debate what services are essential. Why is that a bad thing? Unfortunately the public has become dependent on those services, which could be dealt with by the free market, and are now suffering as a result.

This is a major problem–how to create a society without the interference of Leviathan. It has become so intricate in almost every aspect of life that dodging it is near impossible, like the creepy, red eye in the movie Eagle Eye.

Let this be a wake up call–do not depend on government. If you are, quickly find a way to make it your secondary, third and ultimately no income–cut it off like an infected limb. When one becomes dependent, it crashes and burn alongside the Leviathan.

Until next time.

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