Start out the new year embracing freedom and liberty

January 1, 2013 § Leave a comment

One thing about liberals and other socialists is that they will not allow us peaceful and “individualist” people live in our own world. If we want to live in a world where we have the right to the fruits of our labor, associate with whom we please, etc., they balk at the suggestion. That is unfortunate because that is not the case for us. If people want to live in a world where everyone shares everything, they should have the right to do so.

I once had a conversation with a self-proclaimed socialist who reveled in the collectivism of Cuba, where President Castro once worked in the fields (he said this while waving his arms in a machete-like motion) with “the peons people.” Interestingly he did not praise the Pol Pot killing fields instead. This, he says, is the way society should be; “everybody contributes and everybody eats,” his exact definition of socialism when asked.

So I decided to pose the following scenario to him:

Supposed I lived in your village and decided, hey, I don’t want to add my fruits and vegetables to the village’s pool, and kept them for myself to eat or to sell to a neighboring village; what do you think about this?

He replied, “Everybody works and everybody eats. If you want to be greedy and not contribute then the village won’t help you.”

I told him this would be fine but he went on further.

“But don’t be surprised if someone takes (he emphasized take instead steal but both require the use of force) your apples. That’s good.”

I then went on to say if someone steals (he cut me off and told me the act wasn’t stealing), I will call the police or village security. What he said next frightened me.

“They won’t help you ‘cuz you didn’t help us. ”

He went on to embrace what Henry Hazlitt called “spread the work schemes.” He didn’t care about the low standard of living this would result in because such a worry was a result of “capitalistic thinking.” Caring about the standard of living, welfare of mankind, improving medicine, transportation, etc. was a result of capitalistic thinking. 

All in one conversation the Cuba-loving socialist promoted theft and called me greedy. Maybe he thought the act of forcefully taking, either by government officials or criminals, from one person is not theft. Maybe he genuinely believes because the fruits belong to the group (who decides this?) or the thief might have needed it, it is not considered theft. Maybe he thinks taking from others–instead of keeping your production–is not greedy in itself. I do not know what he thought but one thing is sure: this is a dangerous, self-destructive yet prevalent ideology.

Many of our politicians follow this thought, too. Words like “coming together,” “we’re all in this together,” etc. are all fronts for the implementation of socialism. Besides from the fact it is not the individual’s responsibility to clean up the nation’s mess, and he took no part in the borrowing and spending, him who reject such proposals are, too, held out as greedy, individualist who care for none but themselves.

This specific socialist would not allow me to live my own life, and any attempt to do so–to deviate from the collective thought–is greedy and a result of “capitalistic thinking.”

Caricature of capitalist. Look how miserable Hanks really (not in his head) was.

A common misunderstanding of capitalist is that we are or aspire to be hermits living on an island hoarding all our goods. I have never met a capitalist with any such mindset but if this was the case, of course I will support his right. Caricatures aside, mankind would be short and brute at worst, and boring and depressing at best, if capitalists were hermits. We think that is ridiculous. Capitalism requires interactions, associations, organizations, etc. through the  division of labor and trade. Without these features, people would not be able to form businesses or trade one good/service with another thus raising the standard of living.

There is a grave difference in voluntary and involuntary associations though. Capitalism, as illustrated above, relies on voluntary associations through trade, contracts, businesses. Anything else relies on force, making it incompatible with the free society socialists say they long for.

Other socialist programs like welfare, Social Security, public education, Obamacare, etc. all rely on the main elements of socialism. Financed through forced taxation, compulsory, and no opting out. What if you already donate to charities or simply don’t want to contribute to, say, food stamps, childcare, or even green energy and farmers? What if you prefer private investment to Social Security? What if you disagree with the curriculum, prefer private or homeschooling, or have no children at all? What if you have your own doctor? Too bad.

Socialism, like contemporary liberalism, holds the collective goals and “rights” over individual rights. If the individual refuses to participate, he is pressed and submitted to conform–or else. There lies the crux of the problem–peaceful people allow others to pursue their utopia but simply do not want to be a part of it. In addition, the individual comes before any group, both literally and figuratively; there can be no group or “society” (merely a group of individuals) without the individual.

On behalf of other peaceful people, socialists (conservatives are certainly included), please, we beg of you to follow us in the mutual, professed goal of freedom: please allow us to live our own life. Allow us to opt out of welfare, SS, Obamacare and the myriad of other socialist programs. We do not want to contribute to the schemes or promised utopias.

We will allow you to live your own life; will you allow us to live ours?

Start out the new year by truly embracing freedom and liberty.

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