My Exit Cue: Now That Obamacare Is Law…

July 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

Unless things change, Obamacare, and other things, force my hand to leave this place

Since Obamacare was uphel, I’ve been thinking of which countries to relocate to after my 1st term (assuming I don’t re-eneter) as a Marines. Some place like Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Ireland; I love seafood but their rating is high on the Heritage’s Foundation economic freedom index and are generally scored above 25 on standard of living indexes. Maybe back to my homeland Africa in Nigeria if they haven’t blown into dust by then. I am not well-travled so this should be an experience. Any place where it’s easy to start a business with minimal government interfence, extremely low taxes, free press and a good health care system.

This ruling, and it’s basis–that a mandate is a tax–solidified what was evident and has been since I’ve become interested in politics. The fact of the matter is we’re a socialist nation with too many government programs; the government has their hands in too many industries; half of the population does not pay income taxes, thus making us a nation of takers and not makers; and more importantly, the public and politicians don’t seem interested in the above problems. To do everyone a favor I plan to remove myself and save my bitter complaining.

Chief Justice Roberts defied the President’s promise that his bill is, in fact, a tax. The President and Democrats promised for years and wasted tax dollars travelling across the country promising the bill was not a tax. This, like his other promises–not to raises tax on middle class, states’ right regarding marijuana, inability to unilaterally change immigration policy, cut deficit in half, 8% unemployment rate after “stimulus”–was a lie. Of course, politicians are liars at heart. To quote Thomas Sowell, “The fact that so many successful politicians are such shameless liars is not only a reflection on them, it is also a reflection on us. When the people want the impossible, only liars can satisfy them…”

Taxes (especially during a economic slowdown, as the President has acknowledged multiple times. Assuming he wins the next elections, the economy is still slow next year, and 2014 during the implementation of Obamacare, how will Americans support this measure? Will he push for another trillion dollar stimulus to “boost” the economy?) are harder to push for but they should have told the truth. Ha! Politicians telling the truth.

Conservative commenters have complained (at least the honest ones who don’t suck up to the Republican Party) that Romney has failed to offer an alternative to Obamacare. Yes, he says we will repeal it but what is the alternative? He has failed to promote a free market approach to healthcare. He is a learned man and there is plenty of literature on the subject; what’s the hold up? Well, Romney himself is the hold up. I’ve always said the presumptive nominee has failed to offer anything of substance and instead is interested in attacking the President.

Think of his foreign policy, for example: he says the President has been too soft on Iran. He also says the Arab Spring has turned into the Arab Winter. Fine, Mittens. What would you do, other than implement sanctions and perform covert operations in Iran? What would you have done, other than no fly zones and NATO intervention, during the Arab Spring. I don’t think I want the answer for it may scare me but it’s a clear case he is more interested in attacking the President than offering his own solutions.

Leave the trash talking to us commentators. You’re a former politician and two time presidential runner for godsake. Give us some meat to your plans!

Furthermore, only two parties have been in power for the past hundred years (with the exception of Teddy Roosevelt from 1901 to 1909) and can therefore be blamed for every problem occurring in America, increasing government’s role and supporting socialist policies. This isn’t a Left vs. Right issue. Republicans have no room to criticize  government takeover of medicine.

Obamacare was my exit cue. Love the country but hate the government. This interpetation of the commerce clause, along with previous rulings (1), force me to leave this place. My love for a strict interpretation of the Constitution and minimal government interference is too great to endure any further violations.

Mind you, I do not know which countries, even those listed, possess the qualities I mentioned in the first paragraph. Next time I will do my research and publish the findings!

Until then, which countries do you suggest I inhabit indefinitely?

(1): Click here. video on the “All Powerful Commerce Clause” talks about historic, prior commerce clause SCOTUS interpretations in relation to Obamacare. Good video if you have 10 minutes.

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