Using Government As A Tool of Force

April 11, 2012 § 2 Comments

Two sisters got into a scuffle after the younger sibling would not grant the older her last cookie. The two are only years apart but the younger sibling, usually in a giving mood, but hungrier than usual, wanted to preserve her last cookie, and for that reason the older sibling was mad.

by Brent Arnold

The older sister grows mad and discovers an alternative solution to force and aggression. She sprints out of the room; the younger is shortly relieved, that is, before her father and older sibling re-enters the room. After the long and heated vocal exchange, the father rule in the older girl’s favor and forced the younger to relinquish her last cookie.

At the last minute upon exiting the room, the older turned her head and gave an evil smirk to her sister, turned her face to its original direction, with her hand in the fathers pockets, and victoriously walked away.

Similar to a spoiled child using her father to advance her ways, many segments of the American population use the government to force their agenda on the whole–yes, all 300 million of us–nation. But do not fear. These individuals and organizations do not hide their faces. They are out in the open and the worldwide web. These people go at any length to use the government as a tool of force to extend their moral values on this complex society; to preserve tax loopholes (a solution to this will be to simplify the tax code like other nations) and breaks/subsidies to preserve their low-demand goods or services; and to force individuals and private properties to act in ways or provide services which they otherwise would not.

You can’t delegate a right you don’t possess. Many have made that exact case that, for example, “if I can not take money from my neighbors’ paychecks each week under the threat of violence, I can not delegate that right to government to do it for me.”

An intelligent being would not be so arrogant to suggest his own “moral values” are fit for 300 million Americans, not to mention foreign country leaders, and use the government to further his values; only a self-interested being would force someone to fork their money up for a failed good or service, then after failing, use the government, to confiscate taxpayers funds; and only a misinformed being would use the government to force individuals to provide services to a specified group of people (whom they may or may not be a part of) and for companies, regulations, which especially in turn hurt small businesses.

(Read this funny article on regulations which prevented a food truck from helping tornado victims in Arlington, TX)

The philosophy in which many view the government is flawed but deep-rooted. Many, unfortunately, have a misunderstanding on the role of government. In one post I stated the government is one big auction since they have–and we’ve allowed–their hands on every sector of public and private life and property. Interest groups and wealthy individuals and corporations are battling over which way to use the government in their favor.

We must be wise and not fall into believing ours or any other politicians message will fix society’s problems, especially if it starts at the federal government–a one size fits all solution. We should be skeptic of any government initiative that offers solutions. A wise man would concede he is too ignorant to be the savior of all. Furthermore, one can make the case it is simply immoral to force your ways and beliefs on others.

Free will is a moral concept; and force doesn’t work.

To make a larger point about alleviating responsibility to a group of self-interested beings, think of the creation of the United Nations–a very bureaucratic international organization which country’s grant their sovereignty to that is full of self-interested member states–after WW2, its purpose to “maintaining international peace and security.” Before the UN was the League of Nations (1919) whose sole mission was to prevent another war from occurring after the deadliest conflict in history, WW1.

By limiting the role of government (which are conveniently delegated, enumerated and limited) in public affairs, perhaps Congress could accomplish more useful things to do (like protecting us or creating a healthy economic environment for job creation) instead of dibbing their nose in every single thing.

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§ 2 Responses to Using Government As A Tool of Force

  • fidlerten says:


    You sound like a Libertarian.

    I do agree that no one should be able to force their own moral values on us all. Also the party that brags about being the party of small government are exactly the ones who like forcing their own moral values down our throats.


  • ronakbear says:

    Hey dude! had no idea you had a blog! excited man! hope you like my stuff, i just hit follow! later bro!

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