Top 5 New (actually, old) Takeaways From the Amber Guyger Murder

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Aren’t you tired of reading about the same ole useless information and lies regarding Botham Jean? Thanks to everyone for sharing this blog’s most viral post ever. In the previous blog post, I correctly predicted a white woman was the shooter.

My friend made a great point about the lack of media concerning Botham Jean in the last week. There wasn’t much media coming out the weeks before that too, in my opinion. I wouldn’t really call it media. Propaganda? Yes. Free-style writing? Yes. Forwarding the information from police lines of communication and printing onto paper? Yes. But media, Dallas is lacking.

Last time we were reading this blog together, I posed the question, “Would Chief Hall uphold the data showing White women and cops don’t go to jail?” Everyone has their own point of view, including Dallas Observer and the other white newspapers, and it has been hashed out thoroughly.

Amidst all of the muck and grime and skips in logic, slowly clearing away, so much has happened. Between the drug planting of Jean’s apartment and everyone parroting dangerous language, such as, “accidentally walked into,” there’s so much to learn or relearn from this officer-involved shooting.

For those of you who have been paying attention, this is old. For you newcomers and former police apologists, this is all new information. Put down the corny dog and tune in for a second. Image result for corny dog texas state fair free photo


DPD will go at any length to protect their boys and girls in uniform. If the police walked into Rosa Parks apartments and killed her, there would be reasons they could cook up. This case really exemplifies that they will say and do anything to cover for their own. With that being said, any future story of an officer-involved shooting SHOULD BE ASSUMED AS A LIE until proven otherwise. From this point on, if you take the police words as the correct framework to judge a case, you can’t be trusted as a reliable source for truth.


Former Chief Brown never repealed the 72-hour policy. Since September 24th, I’ve requested every outlet in the city to clarify and correct the stories they published two years ago about this alleged repeal and to no avail. Nobody knows anything but they know how to publish everything. What’s the use of a big building, hundreds of thousands of social media followers and people on payroll if nobody does research? The purpose is to mislead. All of the stories with Guyger account as the truth should be thrown away and it further shows white media, like Dallas Observer and Dallas Morning News, are simply the PR team for their respective local police department.

Screenshot of Dallas Morning News article in 2016. In Picture, Major Geron tweet.


Chief Hall is a cop. She said she will repeal the 72-hour policy but refer to Point Two. She repeats the same lines as the other cops and at the end of the day, she will risk her life and limb for the Blue Line. Put another way, no physical body can change her mind about her boys and girls in uniforms. Is Chief Hall in over her head, incompetent or complicit? The verdict is still out.


There is no protocol for after officer-involved shootings. Activists from across the city have requested this OIS protocol to no avail. Despite all of the police apologist and sympathizers advice to “just wait” or “just request it from the city”, as of now, there is NO PROOF ANY SUCH PROTOCOL EXISTS. Chief Hall promised at a community event, among many other promises, to publish some stuff and I’m embarrassed for her to say she and her DPD staff ain’t published shit.


Dallas 9 protestors sat in jail longer than Amber Guyger. Nothing new here. Freedom and justice fighters have always been punished more harshly than the local terrorist.


Did I miss anything? Y’all chime in and let me know what takeaways you have from this Amber Guyger murder.


Will Chief Hall uphold the data showing white women and cops don’t go to jail?

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The feature image is the victim, Bothem Jean. Please go back to my initial article about Chief Hall, titled “Moving Past Identity Politics.”

This whole article is written on the premise that police Officer who shot and killed Bothem is a white woman.

White women don’t get pulled over and apprehended. White women don’t go to jail. White women don’t get convicted. White women don’t get sentenced. Don’t take it from me. Look at the data yourself.

Officer Betty Shelby in Oklahoma City was acquitted of manslaughter for killing Terence Crutcher. Shelby is still a cop, fearing for her life, and teaching classes on how to legally, emotionally and physically “survive such events.” White women are protected, for their pure virgin beauty, you know that old southern stuff Denzel Washington Jr joked about in the movie BlacKkKlansman.

Here, we ask the question I asked in August 2017 when she was selected: What is the value in the “First black” if they uphold white supremacy and the status quo? Does Chief Hall have the will and courage? Will she get support from her fellow city councilpersons?

I still don’t know the answers to these questions. But I do know it happened in District 2, where there is a progressive! Surely, Medrano will step up to Police Power and be a progressive champion on this issue? Or does progressive only mean standing up for LGBTQ and undocumented immigrants?

There is no reason this cop, who I am willing to bet is a white woman, should be on admin leave. We all should be livid, especially coming off the heels of the weak sentencing of former Balch Springs officer Roy Oliver, 15 years, 7.5 until parole. Call internal affairs and find out what is going on.

What should happen?

  1. Immediately drug-test the cop for possibly being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. I have once knocked on the wrong door after a few beers. Or maybe she came to buy weed, I don’t know but drug test her!!
  2. Lock up the cop for being a danger to herself, society, and to her neighbors. There are so many things this 26 year old could have been doing but none can possibly explain a shooting. I am willing to stand on my words prematurely and say this.
  3. Call internal affairs 214671-3986 and demand she is fired with an irreparable record.


There is absolutely no way to install trust in the community if the community knows you are playing by a different set of rules. Do the right thing, Chief Hall. Pastors and Basketball Hoops can’t answer for this. Coffee With Cops, come on.

Triple D: Dollars, Debt, Deception

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Last week, The D.E.N. did an episode titled Triple D: Dollars, Debt, Deception concerning the former council member Dwaine Caraway corruption case. In the episode we asked a few questions and herein we will answer a few of them.
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Is it fair to make Caraway the face of corruption?
No, it is not fair. While Caraway loves to open his mouth and show his face at every opportunity, Caraway is not brilliant enough to be the face of corruption. Rick Sorrells, who admitted to taking $3 million, 6x more than Caraway’s amount, and Robert Leonard, owner of the are bigger players in the game. These white men are better characters for the story of bribery, scandal and corruption.
How idiotic, offensive and ignorant were Mayor Rawlings comments on corruption and poverty? What did he get right and wrong?
On a scale of 1-5, the comments were 4 idiotic, offensive and ignorant. Mayor Rawlings is a typical polite racist. Polite racists overrun Dallas. Rawlings is correct that desperation and poverty is a perfect opportunity for crime (in a capitalistic society, of course) but a few sentences above, I gave you examples of people who not only took more money than Caraway but don’t come from poverty. History shows us the biggest crooks and thieves come from nice means, not poverty. Rawlings, next time, don’t jump out on this.
Should the black community support Caraway during his trial? If so, how?
No. Caraway was a gatekeeper for white supremacy and was proud of it. He wanted to punish people who sag their pants once, and recently was strongly opposed any Confederate statue removal and so emboldened to even tell us “anglos lives matter” during a press conference with the other black council members. Caraway didn’t contribute enough to warrant support in our opinion. Here at the D.E.N., we forgive Caraway but don’t extend an ounce of sympathy or grace for Caraway. Thanks for the Walmart and QuikTrip, though.
What was Caraway’s legacy?
To The D.E.N., his legacy was bad. Caraway had a reputation for opening the door to community leaders. We asked around and couldn’t identify any tangible benefits to this.
What implications does this trial have for future voters and elected officials?
After leaving office, Caraway ran against and defeated the woman he endorsed. With no shame at all, he professed his reason being because she didn’t want to see progress in D4, namely for opposing the deck park. Caraway and Arnold-King held two different visions of progress and community. Caraway had no business entering back into this ring and we hope voters, who already don’t turn out 4-9% locally, aren’t jaded by this radio-fighting-back-stabbing person.
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Moving past identity politics w/new DPD Chief Hall

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1500789806351Chief Hall is the newly chosen Chief of Dallas Police Department. Transferred from Detroit as a chief deputy, Hall beat out the popular internal choice, Chief deputy Malik Aziz. She’s a Delta and Grambling State graduate. For obvious reasons, Chief Hall has received a lot of praise from different corners.

While Chief Hall shouldn’t be reduced to only being a “black female” or the “first female chief,” refusing to praise this advancement is almost on par with neutralizing our politics. Refusing to acknowledge this – desexualizing and deracializing our politics – does everyone a disservice. The community is hard at work to ensure your representation – as a Black woman – is possible.

Moving past identity politics…

Right now is the perfect time to put in place bi-partisan policies necessary to improve community relations. A few days ago President Trump encouraged law enforcement officers to disregard the Constitution by treating suspects with harm. Last week, another Minneapolis policeman shot an unarmed person, this time, Justine Damone, a white woman. Similar to Antoinette Brown serving as a sacrificial lamb on the issue of stray dogs in South Dallas, the timely death of this white woman introduces the real possibility of establishing fair guidelines for the body worn camera policy.

Neither Officer Noor or his partner body cameras were activated at the time of Damone’s death. Why? I don’t know and I won’t check into Minnesota’s laws. Damone was just another victim of spilled-over police violence that normally occurs in African-American neighborhoods. Next time, a notice will be put out in case the point was missed that, Hey, these policemen are cray-cray. In case #BlackLivesMatter and children killed while sleeping or on playgrounds or SWBW (Shopping While Black at Walmart) wasn’t enough, a nice dish of blonde hair, blue eyed spiritual teacher is served to your liking.

If a blonde hair, blue eyed white woman in pajamas can get killed by police, you know damn well something is up with police training which has to lead to so much recklessness and death. For bonus points, mix in some racial biases, fear of masculinity then try to imagine life for a black male suspect – YIKES. The discussion and actualization of a sensible, citizen-centered body camera policy should start now before another innocent person dies at the hands of LEOs for seemingly no reason other than an irrational fear for their life.

Minnesota is not the only state where body cameras are underutilized. Texas attempted to deal with this matter last year with S.B. 158 which essentially gives autonomy to the department receiving the body camera grant. Having been a tough critic of S.B. 158, authored by State Sen. Royce West, there is an opportunity we can jump on that is provided by the language of the law.

S.B. 158 states the agency shall create:

  • “guidelines for when a peace officer should activate a camera or discontinue a recording currently in progress…”
  • “guidelines for public access…”
  • and a last important part which refers to the “72 Hour Rule”, “provisions entitling an officer to access any recording of an incident involving the officer before the officer is required to make a statement about the incident.”


In short, S.B. 158 gives Chief Hall the chance to adopt the most enlightened – dare I say PROGRESSIVE –  body camera policy in the country. The chance is only noticed if you have the will. Does Chief Hall have the will and courage?

Does she stand a chance getting this past the city attorney and assistant city manager? Will she get support from her fellow city councilpersons? Maybe one council person who doesn’t look like you.

Lastly, in addition to a thoughtful camera policy,  a review on the effectiveness of the Citizens Review Board is necessary. As of now, the CRB lacks subpoena power and overall aren’t perceived as a serious or consequential body. I agree with you that it “takes a whole city to police.” Ask City Council to bless this review.

Chief Hall, I am putting you to the test. Hall, if you support improving community relations, if you want to cease the demi-god and citizen-slave dynamic, if you want to stand apart from your predecessor – be the first chief to support the community and support a body worn camera policy that puts the citizen needs first and foremost. Not the Dallas Police Association suggestions and concerns. Fortunately, you don’t have to put the weight all on your shoulders and you don’t need all the answers right now. Reach out to the same people and groups who interviewed you weeks ago – except DPA President Mike Mata – and they’ll point you in the right direction.

Yeah. There is work to do Chief Hall. Welcome to Dallas.

What the rest of us think about JWP’s acquittal and Rep. EBJ’s re-election

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It took a week to get this out. It took a week to process the acquittal of Commissioner John Wiley Price. Unlike most people, I didn’t follow the case. Lady Justice’s lackadaisical treatment towards Race Soldiers (or “bad cops”) has been maddening, so court and legal matters are no longer forms of entertainment for me.

What does Commissioner John Wiley Price’s acquittal mean for the next generation of Black Dallas politics? When I mention Black Dallas politics, I’m referring to the playmakers and institutions (and the ideologies which undergird the latter) that make up Black Dallas, for example, Dallas Citizen Council, ICDC, Councilperson Young, the Potter’s House, etc.

In conjunction with the rumors of Congresswoman EBJ’s refusal to give up her 30-year-old job re-election, JWP was acquitted a week later. This is the context in which one should view this topic.

What EBJ’s announcement and the subsequent JWP acquittal means for Black Dallas politics is DOOM. And I am not being facetious, for once. This is bad news. Any Gen X or Millennial who had hopes of seeing something new might have to wait another ten years to wedge their way in. Taj Clayton, Eric L. Williams, State Rep. Eric Johnson, and the others hold your horses.

A lot of us consider these two figures, a microcosm for the inflexibility common in Black Politics at-large, too large to allow others to fit in the room. Sucking up the air, if you will. In the damn way of a younger, progressive wave of politicos who will vocally oppose the toll road takeover of North Texas, law enforcement violence, curtailing women access to health care, gentrification displacement and support better access to mental health care, affordable housing, a more progressive tax code, stronger public schools, major criminal justice reform like drug decriminalization and legalization, and a worker-friendly environment. Rep. EBJ fluff townhalls on law enforcement violence and community relation, recent statement on Jordan Edwards just doesn’t pass the bar for what is required from a Black politician in 2017. 



rescue-group-old-dog-haven-today-161226-tease-01_00bac92f7fa6330b327ff47cdd4acdf2.jpgOver the years, Rep. EBJ and other long-time elected officials, like old dogs, bark has gone unnoticed and teeth rounded. Lost their teeth, even, figuratively and perhaps literally. Rep. EBJ fluff townhalls on law enforcement violence and community relation result to worse than inaction, a codification of more of the same. For example, her recent statement on the killing of 15-year-old Jordan Edwards just doesn’t pass the bar for what is required from a Black politician in 2017. Read it yourself here. 

Yeah, I know I am supposed to be praising the Lord Our Man Downtown wasn’t sent downtown. But this is simply an example of another powerful man who got off, ultimately. Do you think YOU, Black person, can skate 7 of 11 charges? How did the courts treat you the last time you had a criminal charge? Can you afford a private  Jewish lawyer? Can you afford a private lawyer period? Well, can you?

I’d like to emphasize the danger of living vicariously through other people. Doing so usually alleviates responsibility from the personalities within Black Politics, especially to the detriment of our quality of life. Good politics supports office holders who support our agenda and/or make good allies. Furthermore, bad politics takes on the battles of our beloved Black figures as our own; a case not between JWP and the Feds but between Us and Them, this nation’s oldest battle. They mess with JWP – or EBJ, or any of the Obamas, or Rep. Elijah Cummings, Rep. Maxine Waters, or whatever – and they are messing with you and your grandmother personally!

Is JWP’s legacy worth defendng if proven and found guilty on all charges?

is a question every sympathizer should ask themselves. Knowing what I know and heard, I’d say most of his sympathizers would still defend JWP, which is a testament to just how maybe forever twisted and backward Black Dallas and maybe Black Politics is at-large 

texas-state-mapThe next wave of elected officials has to strictly be about improving the quality of life for Black people, specifically the descendants of slaves, throughout Dallas and Dallas county. Black Dallas’ (including suburbs like Desoto and Cedar Hill) politics must be lead by selfless individuals with the capacity to lead and the ingenuity to empower others to receive the baton and take agency over their communities.

We have to be unapologetic to both the previous generation and Powers That Be about what is necessary to move forward, catch up with other states, and ultimately catch up with the other first world countries. The truth of the matter is whether it is Joppa community, Arizona and Kiest, SOC High school, 10th Street or St. Augustine, many parts of southern Dallas resemble third world countries. Descendants of slaves in the richest country on earth live in third world conditions in this “world class city,” as Mayor Rawlings characterizes Dallas.

We have to be willing to snatch the baton and hit anyone over the head who gets in the way. DO THW WORK! Besides, it isn’t like you haven’t been patient enough.

Does TOP support Mexican sanctuary cities for African-Americans or nah?

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Update: Apparently Councilman Griggs is also considering a similar resolution in response to this resolution by Councilman Kleinman basically declaring the city will follow federal immigration laws. 


It was a sunny afternoon, and we managed to cross the border with the sun still up. Finally, we reached the other side: the land of Mexico. We never want to go back. President Trump ramped up the hate speech, Attorney General Pete Sessions officially endorsed the beginning of chattel slavery and deputizing random White people. If only Zimmerman had waited. They say the chattel slavery thing is temporary. “About as temporary as the income tax,” became a new saying around here.

Earlier I was dreaming about opportunities to escape tyranny in the event it became direct. In reality, it is 2:11 AM and I am currently reading about an organization and government entity who agree: it is OK for people to break the law. Certain people. Read the Welcoming Communities Resolution here for yourself.


You may not read it like that but I do.

The organization is TOP. I like TOP a lot – I am a member – or was. So this is not a diss to TOP, as they are consistent in where one should stand regarding human rights and are actually on the LEFT, unlike most Dallasites who are only liberal when compared to a Texan Republican)

But there are some of you who don’t hold any consistency, who this is addressed to. Some of you will not talk to your own cousin or uncle for being locked up for a non-violent drug or non-aggressive firearm charge but will be on the front line for criminals who want to and do come here for an improved life.


From 2016.

Yes, criminals. When you break the law you are a criminal. I don’t mean to be crude but that is how crude many Black people are to own their family and that is how crude most people are about Black life in general. No one gives Black life nuance – not even many Black people – Jimmy is either on crack because he wants it or because he is lazy and Michelle doesn’t have a valid license because of whatever other reason you conjure. “If XYZ, then this person would not have been in a cage.” It has never made sense to me why a descendant of a slave who is deserving of compensation administered by the American government, will forego and advocate against compensation, while advocating for people, Mexicans for example, to 1) be forgiven of committing the crime of illegal immigration, 2) if not given citizenship, to be provided with set asides, 3) or, be elevated to a level of American citizenship.

When given the opportunity, people usually align with the Powerful Group over the Powerless Group. This describes the position Black people constantly find themselves in, as every generation, they watch the wealth rise of every group around them including Mexicans and Mexican-Americans.

In a video, I will go over the resolution and article. Lastly, I will try to include Brianna Brown in this video to discuss this resolution, her work at TOP and the possibility of organizing around a sanctuary city in Mexico for African-Americans.

Radio station fight guy is back AGAIN for another swing – at City Council

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Dwaine Caraway is on the roll. Or should I say, on the run? Or he is on fire? Whatever you call it when basically every local media outlet promotes your campaign candidacy (I personally call it “suspicious”) – he is THAT.

After failing to topple the Black Dallas King, and County Commissioner on the side, John Wiley Price, Caraway is back. This week he announced his return to chop off the head of his dear friend: a sweet, feisty old woman and retired teacher, Councilwoman King-Arnold.

Two years ago, Caraway begged people for money in support during Arnold’s campaign. Now, like the big brother who let his younger sister try to beat that Call of Duty mission, he has deemed her as ill-fit to represent District 4 and wants it back. The only difference is Caraway is younger than her.

(OK maybe the analogy is off but it would be so much better if Caraway was an Omega!)


Arnold is good friends with Black Dallas King JWP by proof of the regularity of photos selfies she has with the man.

Anyways, Beneath Everything is not in the business of endorsements or positive words for politicians in general. However, we do appreciate the time Arnold takes in studying the issues and connecting with her constituents.

A quick look at Arnold’s voting history shows she is not the Mayor’s Rawlings’ lapdog. That is an impressive feat for Black councilmembers nowadays. Arnold seems to be more committed to providing basics for her area than being the vessel for gentrification.untitled



The map below is her district. Many South Oak Cliff neighborhoods lack decent street lighting. Parts of Tenth Street, a historically African-American neighborhood in her district are uninhabitable, and Kiest Rd. infrastructure sucks. Problems like these are why she opposes a proposed deck park near the Dallas Zoo and prioritizes other stuff. A retired teacher, Arnold also opposes providing funding to charter schools – unlike another former public school teacher, Mayor Pro Tem Eric Wilson.


But Caraway, and his handlers want to stop all that. He has visions of a different District 4. One where Rudy’s Chicken offers delivery and all the ghetto kids can play throw up football on the deck park, looking down at the Oak Cliff Gateway, watching drivers complain about fluctuating toll prices and constant congestion. Can’t you see it now? You lack his vision, then!

In a manner I can only refer to as “Trumping”, he tweeted this yesterday. Like Trump, I can’t tell if he is trolling or not, but he might actually think the two options are mutually exclusive. Like Trump, lastly, it would be laughable if it wasn’t a real tweet that could manifest into reality.


Caraway was good for Arnold while it lasted,  but I think we should expect low blows before the May election. With friends like Caraway, who needs enemies?